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Do you need a voice? Well, you've come to the right place - I've got several of them!

My name is Simon Wells. I am a London born voiceover artist living in Shepperton, Surrey (yes, I defected to the country-side).

I have experience working across various areas of the industry, including corporate promos, animation, radio, e-learning.

Please, have a listen!

SimonWellsVO - Demo Reel

I remember reciting TV commercials and jingles as a kid, as well as perfecting impressions of my favourite cartoon characters, from Yogi Bear to Yosemite Sam.


Now, I'm fortunate enough to be able to use my voice to help people realise their projects.


I have a smooth, mid range, neutral English voice, but I also love performing character roles and regional UK/international accents.


So, whatever you're working on - a corporate training video or a radio image, a telephony system or an animated character - I'm here to help you.


Please get in touch. I can't wait to collaborate with you!


Thanks for submitting!

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